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Posted on Jan 4 2013 - 4:01pm by Ralphie Rodriguez

I know Game Heads you aren’t use to the not game related news from me but this could be very big news for Xbox users. We reported yesterday that Microsoft had acquired R2 Studios which is a Silicon Valley start-up company. Microsoft beat out competing bids from Apple and Google, as the Wall Street Journal reports. So if you don’t know R2 Studios specializes in mobile tech, with a number of patents geared toward pairing portable devices with home media center hardware.

Xbox Smart Glass

Word is that the patents were the driving force behind Microsoft’s decision to buy R2, with the company’s employees reportedly being relocated to work with the Xbox team at their Redmond, Washington campus. It’s not known for sure but the speculation is that R2 will contribute to the development of Xbox SmartGlass, an app that will undoubtedly grow in scale when Microsoft enters the next generation of gaming hardware.

R2’s patents have already been used to give smartphones wireless control over at-home heating and lighting systems. Now we all know its a bit early for speculating but this could push Microsoft over the top when it comes to home integration with the current Xbox 360 or the future Xbox (code name: Durango). Stay tuned to GameOn for all the latest news on this and other moves around the gaming industry because “Its about to go down…”


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